WWE spoiled Shayna Baszler by turning her into a biting freak

<pre><pre>WWE spoiled Shayna Baszler by turning her into a biting freak

WWE turned what should have been so easy into an exaggerated mess.

Do you remember when Vince McMahon mocked All Elite Wrestling for doing blood and blood matches last year? Well, it was on "Monday Night Raw" – Shayna Baszler that Becky Lynch took the blood in a segment that did a poor job for the former NXT women winner.

A possible WrestleMania feud between Lynch, the current Raw women's winner, and Baszler didn't need anything to get started. It didn't need Baszler to look like a member of The Brood or the "Twilight" movies by biting himself after an attack on Lynch's neck. Baszler had a lot of fake blood on his face. Jerry "The King" Lawler even called her a "vampire" in the comment.

Maybe this moment creates a shock value and a conversation with the water cooling for the occasional fan, but these actions contradict everything that Baszler has in the background and what defines their character in NXT. It may have made a legitimate female MMA pioneer and a catch wrestling maestro a cartoon villain in one segment. The credibility that Baszler has built over two years in NXT – something few superstars have in WWE – has deteriorated within seconds and could deteriorate if the idea of ​​the "vampire" doesn't go away.

Baszler, who had MMA battles against greats like Cris Cyborg and Amanda Nunes, made a name for herself in wrestling by forcing her opponents to tap, snap, or sleep with their Kirifuda clutch submission, the only two times Become an NXT women champion. She was a cold, calculated technician who took advantage of your moment of weakness, not a bloodthirsty killer who had to take out her mouthpiece to bite Lynch.

She uses a mouthpiece, but she is a biter! A much more appropriate action would have been if Baszler had stamped on Lynch's twisted elbow and wrist or broken a couple of the man's fingers. Instead, everything we got was pointless and unnecessary, and the fact that this side-review took place after a great match between Lynch and Asuka made it worse.

The story for Lynch and Baszler was already there, the shifts were built up over time and accelerated since last autumn. Baszler is one of Ronda Rousey's best friends who nailed Lynch at WrestleMania 35 for the Raw Women's title, giving the former UFC bantamweight champion her only loss in the WWE. Baszler paced Lynch ahead of the Survivor series before defeating her and Bayley in a triple threat match to end the pay-per-view game. Baszler was the runner-up of the Royal Rumble 2020 and eliminated eight other superstars. The WWE audience knows her as a badass, so a shocking performance was not necessary.

Your program could have been about so many things – and maybe it will stay that way even after a rocky start. Lynch can offend Baszler by saying that she has ridden Rousey's coattails during her career, and Baszler could say that she would prove her wrong by defeating The Man, something Rousey never did.

Since defeating Asuka and collecting her "last fault", Lynch has been cocky and calls herself GOAT. A recent interview said she should receive money at Vince McMahon level in her new contract. The seeds seemed to be planted for a slow heel rotation, and Baszler in its NXT form is a legitimate threat to take advantage of Lynch's hubris.

What followed after Baszler's attack probably put a cork in his heel for the time being and undone what had done little good to Lynch. Lynch did a great job initially, selling the bite, cursing the referee and asking, "How's it going over there?"

The man, who was alleged to be bleeding profusely, then said she was "okay", finally pushed back medical aid and ordered an ambulance. She drove herself to a "medical facility" and then back to the arena to cut a promo covered in dry blood with a bandage on her neck. It showed Lynch's courage and struggle, but it makes you wonder how bad Shayna's bite and attack could have been with the pain reliever she said was given to him.

It was certainly not as bad as the whole start of this WrestleMania program and made Baszler something she didn't mean seriously. Lynch might have designed the rest of the corner to tear Baszler down week after week.

Let’s hope that all the silliness ends here, so Baszler and Lynch can have the organic feud they should have instead of WWE covering up their hand pointlessly.