Yankees' Aaron Boone will not miss out on competing against Mookie Betts


TAMPA – Aaron Boone's team hasn't even signed up for spring training, but the third year manager saw the Yankees' chances of winning AL East dramatically improved.

With Mookie Betts and David Price about to be traded against the Dodgers, Boone cemented Los Angeles as a favorite in the National League and the Yankees as a clear leader in the AL. I'm sorry Betts is fine.

"Obviously he's as good as it gets," said Boone. "I won't miss seeing him 18 times a year, that's for sure."

At a height that would be equivalent to a wage dump for the Red Sox, they would probably deliver the second-best player in the league – behind Anaheim's Mike Trout.

Boston is also awaiting a MLB decision regarding the ongoing sign theft investigation, which has already resulted in the dismissal of manager Alex Cora, who was also involved in the Astros scandal in 2017.

Aaron Boone
Aaron BooneCharles Wenzelberg

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said on Thursday that he hoped to make a decision to punish the camps opened next week.

No matter what Manfred comes up with, the Red Sox will go into 2020 without a manager and as soon as the trade with the Dodgers becomes official, they will get along without their best player and the link price.

Despite the benefits Betts brings to the Yankees, Boone insisted that he take nothing for granted when it comes to the division.

While the Yankees have been known to torture Price over the years, they have handled fairly well with Betts too. Betts has played against the Yankees in 96 games and has an OPS of 0.825. It is the lowest OPS bet OPS has against anyone in the AL East. Last year, Betts only managed 0.700 OPS against the Yankees in 19 games – his worst number against a team that he had played more than six times.

"I'm not entirely upset to see him in the other league," Boone said with a grin. "But I always said:" Be careful what you want. "Who knows? It's so far, so long."

He is not yet ready to write off the Yankees' arch rivals.

"You are clever [organization] "With a lot of necessities," said Boone at the Yankees minor league complex. "I am sure that they will do what they think is best to achieve a solid footing."

In the meantime, Boone continues to focus on his own team.

"Our job is to prepare for winning a championship," said Boone. "We don't feel like anyone should be able to get in our way. But the boys [the Red Sox have] amazing players to enter. … I never discount someone who comes into the year. "