Yankees are angry with this troubling Jose Altuve theory

<pre><pre>Yankees are angry with this troubling Jose Altuve theory

TAMPA – Major League Baseball announced last month that there was no evidence that the Astros used portable electronic devices in 2019 when Houston entered the World Series for the second time in three years.

It has been speculated that Jose Altuve, who scored the winning homer in Game 6 against Aroldis Chapman, knew a slider would come – and Gio Urshela is one of those who believe it.

"Probably," said Urshela Freitag on "The Michael Kay Show," adding, "it felt like [he had] some confidence in the duel with the best in the game and he probably knew it would come. "

Urshela conceded that Altuve knew the field was annoying him.

"A little," said the third baseman. "But we're trying [our] best … but we try [our] best and play baseball clean. "

Right-handed Adam Ottavino, who also spoke to Kay about ESPN Radio and the YES network, wasn't sure what to do with the Altuve at-bat, but didn't buy the theory Houston played according to the 2017 rules.

"For me, when the trash cans stopped, I got the impression that cheating made them smarter, not that they stopped," said Ottavino. “This is ideal for a possible buzzer system. I dont know. Yes, it is difficult. It's definitely a crazy rabbit hole to go under. "

Fired Houston manager A.J. Hinch did not deny that his team had used a buzzer system when asked about it in an interview that aired on Friday on the MLB Network.

"We were examined for three months," said Hinch. “The Commissioner's office did as much research as you can imagine. I know you spoke about the emails and the texts and the news, and I believe it. "

And footage of Altuve shouting at his teammates that he shouldn't take his shirt off when he crossed the record at the end of ALCS victory in Houston has only sparked speculation.

Especially for the critical Altuve, Ottavino said he wasn't sure whether the second baseman knew a slider was coming, but he was suspicious.

"I watched all the videos and SpyGate content and tried to watch them," said Ottavino. "It looks a bit lazy, but I just don't know. I can't say it either way."