Yankees have to overcome their Astros anger

<pre><pre>Yankees have to overcome their Astros anger

TAMPA – While this 2020 uploaded baseball season begins with the simplicity and poetry that Pitchers and Catchers report, some advice to the New York Yankees:

Don't hug your victim.

Digest your pain. Express it if you wish. And then let it go.

On Thursday, George M. Steinbrenner Field officially becomes a baseball stadium again and opens its doors to the Diehards who want to see the pitchers and their catchers participate in their opening workout. On Wednesday, however, it felt more like a therapist's office. People here are dismayed in every way by Rob Manfred & # 39; s discovery that the Astros illegally stole his opponents' signs in 2017, to a parade that included an ALCS victory over the Yankees in seven games, of course. They are also suspicious of why Jose Altuve would not take his jersey off the field after he eliminated the Yankees from ALCS 2019 with a walk-off homer against Aroldis Chapman.

Everything understandable. And by February 22nd, everyone should be wiped out when the Yankees begin their Grapefruit League fixtures with a home game against the Blue Jays.

"Obviously, the past few weeks have been a lot, and we've had a lot of time to process all of this, and the range of emotions has been huge: angry, frustrated, disappointed," said Aaron Boone on Wednesday of his first official spring training press conference. "But you also know that it is time to continue. I see it now as if it is time to continue and move forward.

“We have a great team in this room. And we know that the sky is the limit for this team. We strive for championships. When we get going seriously tomorrow, the focus will be on eliminating distractions and ensuring that we are able to lay a foundation to become a champion. "

The third-year Yankees manager plays a strange role in this story that has hit the baseball world and beyond: while he hasn't managed the Yankees in this ALCS of 17, which turned out to be Joe Girardi's last hurray, is he had close personal relationships with his Astros and Red Sox colleagues – AJ Hinch and Alex Cora, who were Hinch's bank coach in 17 – and he got closer to Carlos Beltran last year when Beltran acted as special advisor to the Yankees. All three have lost their jobs due to this scandal (the Mets hired Beltran as manager in November last year).

"I think as humans we all fall back and forth and none of us are perfect," said Boone. "Hopefully I treat people with grace that would reflect this, but it was a bit of a chore for me, as I understand it."

Meanwhile, normally silent Gary Sanchez sounded more like Gary Dell’Abate – Baba Booey from "The Howard Stern Show" – when he made fun of Altuve's refusal to take off his shirt. About an interpreter, Sanchez said, “I can tell you that if I beat a Homer and bring my team to the World Series, they can tear my pants off. Everything. You can tear everything down. "

It is "important," Boone agreed, that players express their feelings about the matter, and more people will arrive in the coming days and let them fly. Chapman, Aaron Judge and Brett Gardner are among those we are still waiting for.

The Yankees stand here based on what we know as the unjust party. However, they will certainly be called back for the right rather than the wrong.

"We have too much at stake for this distraction to bring trouble or disappointment to our room," said Boone. "We don't want such a culture. Full throttle will be the order of the day from 2020."

Well, a few more shots on the bow won't kill them. Much more, however, could be found by the Yankees who look back too much and not look forward enough.