Yankees take it easy with Luis Severino

<pre><pre>Yankees take it easy with Luis Severino

TAMPA – Luis Severino has not yet completed live impact training, and on Tuesday coach Aaron Boone said the club is taking it lightly with the right-hander who played in three September games last year due to shoulder and lat injuries.

"He will. I'm not quite sure when his first is [live BP] will be, but it is on the horizon, "said Boone." We play it a little slower, but it is not much behind everyone else.

How similar or different was Boone's opening message for the team compared to recent sources?

"I don't know. I'm sure there are some similarities. I just get up and talk and try to do that when I stand up in front of the team and say something. I am simply talking about what drives me back then," said Boone. "I'm sure there are some similarities. I'm sure, but you have to ask other people. "

Hal Steinbrenner visited the clubhouse before the first training session.

If you watch Giancarlo Stanton during punch training, it's not just about balls flying over walls. Stanton struck a few balls into the right midfield, but he sprayed the ball across the field with a full squad during the first training session of the Yankees.

Aaron Judge missed punch training due to an injury to his right shoulder that the Yankees don't consider serious. The judge's absence robbed the people in the seats from seeing his normally power show.

It was perhaps the first day of full training, but Brett Gardner was his usual fan-friendly self by throwing balls in the stands for the spectators baking in the 80-degree sun.

Gerrit Cole throws his second live punch exercise on the main field.