Yes. PhonePe, affected by the crisis in the bank, rejects Paytm’s offer. The form is temporary, the class is permanent.


Two of India’s leading digital payments companies, Phonepe and Paytm, had a Twitter confrontation on Friday (March 6, 2020) after Paytm invited its rival PhonePe to join them and work on a common banking platform. The offer was made after Yes Bank, PhonePe’s transaction bank, was placed under a moratorium by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

On Twitter Paytm said: ” Dear @PhonePe_Inviting you to the @PaytmBank # UPI platform. It already has tremendous acceptance and can be seamlessly scaled to do your business. Get up quickly! “

However, even in its difficult situation, the Flipkart-own brand for digital payments Phonepe did not waver at its competitor and rejected the offer that should not be left behind. PhonePe replied in its reply to Paytm Payments Bank. If its UPI handle were so “seamlessly scalable”, they would have built it back a long time ago.

The tweet read: “Dear PayTm Bank, we invite you to think that we would have called you if your UPI platform had been so seamlessly scalable. It makes no sense to get up sooner if we are our long-term partners would have to leave if you are canceled, “said PhonePe, adding:” The form is temporary, the lessons are permanent. “

Phonepe temporarily stopped working after the Yes Bank crisis by writing: “We are performing an unscheduled maintenance activity. We apologize for any inconvenience. “” However, the service was soon restored and the app is now up and running again. Phonepe posted the information on her Twitter handle and said, “We’re back.”

The Twitter confrontation was retweeted several times and people were seen praising Phonepe for their booth.