Sleep deprivation, insomnia, depression and other related things affect our life badly and never allow us to be charged fully in order to perform work with much involvement and actively. It must be noted that sleep disorders, including- insomnia are endemic in our stress-filled, caffeine-driven and depressive contemporary lifestyles, which is important to get rid of immediately. Otherwise it can be become a severe health issue. So it is important to follow a good life style before it becomes health disorder. In a recent study, 37 percent of the population reporting that they regularly don’t get enough of sleep and which is why they often experience with many physical and mental health issues. Mental peace and physical fitness should be primary in our daily routine. One can try yoga at once to resolve such health issue like sleep disorders, depression etc.

Lack of sleep is much more dangerous than you think and can trigger the release of a chemical in the brain that leads to Alzheimer’s disease, along with other problems. NO good sleep? You better be serious about how can we begin to tackle this epidemic before it creates great destruction. One important thing you can do to avoid these issues, and won’t be back in your life again at all. Don’t worry as you don’t need to see the doctor or having those dangerous pills, or investing much as this so great activity has been proven to help sufferers of insomnia and severe sleep deprivation. Welcome to the world of Yoga, where one won’t only get great health and mental wellness, but at the same time get rid of all the problems, including- sleeping disorders. Yoga offers multiple benefits – it helps to give you strength with a thorough workout, and regular practice is good for natural mindfulness helps to release all stress and tension. After making it a part of your daily routine, you feel very calm and peace from the inner side. You can join a yoga school in Rishikesh to learn more about yoga and meditation.

Yoga is the best idea to make your lifestyle healthy and peaceful, which is affordable and effective, hence do check great tips on how to use yoga for better sleep. The below-mentioned exercises are the best for regular night time routine so try and you won’t see anything else except to go straight to bed after the last exercise.

Wide-Knee Child’s Pose or Balasana

This is called a resting pose provides a sense of calm and stability, but don’t go with the same pose if you have any hip or knee injuries. Kneel down on the floor and separate your knees hip-width apart. Exhale and sink your torso onto your thighs with your arms should be pointed to the back of the room, palms facing up.

Legs Up the Wall

Before you go to bed, make sure to perform the same yoga activity for sound sleep. Just lie on the ground on your back and put the back of your legs up a wall with your legs straight. Your body should be in an L-shaped pose, relax into the position, hold it for at least 30 seconds and focus on your breathing.

Supine Spinal Twist

This pose will help in offering great stretch to the back and the spine, releasing stress, which is the best to get right before bedtime. It also makes your mind focused, and stimulates the kidneys, intestines and abdominal organs. You may place a folded blanket or a pillow under the bent knee and if you are the one suffering from chronic knee injuries should avoid doing this pose.

Lying Butterfly

To perform the very same asana, lie on the ground on your back while pressing the bottoms of your feet against each other and let your knees fall out to your sides. If you want some comfort, can put a pillow under your knees, keep breathing and focus on the same.

Corpse Pose

Lie on the ground on your back with legs straight, arms by sides, and palms facing to the ceiling. Breathe slowly, focusing on your inhales and exhales and relax. It is best to get rid of all stresses of the day, promote inner awareness and relax the entire body from head to toe, which will make you fall in sleep soon.

Hence one can do yoga for many type health benefits according to their needs. Yoga asanas give good results for sleeping disorders. Just like any other exercises, yoga has been becoming very useful to cure multi health disorders as well. One can try it in its own way.

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