You can now wear Kim Kardashian’s booty, thanks to these Swedish artists


Do you want a butt like Kim Kardashian's? Just slide it!

Scandinavian conceptual artists Ida Jonsson, 22, and Simon Saarinen, 24, joined forces with Swedish fashion designer Beate Karlsson, 24, to release a daring replica of Kardashian's wedding at Fashion Week in NY.

The Scandi trio presented their "The Bum", Kim K-inspired shorts made of flexible silicone that works as girdles, at an Elle magazine event last week, then took him to a small catwalk outside Rebecca Minkoff's shows and Christopher John Rogers at Spring Studios.

Beate Karlsson uses "The Bum" during New York Fashion WeekSimon Saarinen

The high heinie was boldly modeled by Karlsson herself (right) and designed with a red quilted jacket, a denim tube top, thigh-open boots and striking sunglasses.

Fashionistas and street photographers couldn't look the other way.

"You could see the confusion in people's eyes," Karlsson tells The Post. "We were quickly surrounded by a large group of paparazzi who wanted to take pictures of" The Bum. "

The trio, all based in New York, started the "The Bum" project two years ago. Jonsson and Saarinen began by analyzing all the images and information they could find online to create a photorealistic 3D representation and true to the scale of Kardashian's unusual proportions, which Saarinen points out that "have really changed a bit" since 2018.

Soon after, they enlisted Parlss and the former Central Saint Martins Karlsson student to help manifest a portable version.

They are in the process of perfecting the first 6-pound prototype, which is what they jogged during Fashion Week and measures 15.3 inches wide and has a circumference of 42 inches.

The goal is to make it as light and comfortable as possible before selling it in limited quantities at the end of this spring, and they are currently exploring its manufacture in China, Portugal or even Brooklyn.

"We will probably use a mixture of silicone, spandex and microfiber, but we have not yet fully decided how the product will materialize," says Karlsson.

Not surprisingly, it looks like a curvy Kardashian is priced quite high: the final design will cost between $ 450 and $ 600. Still, that's more manageable than spending thousands for implants or injections.

Project "The Bum" inspired by the elegant butt of Kim K.Simon Saarinen

"We live in a time when people are ready to undergo serious and sometimes dangerous surgeries so that their bottom looks like theirs, all in the name of taste," says Saarinen. "Her butt is probably one of the most recognized and commented symbols born on Instagram."

But on Instagram, "The Bum" has been subject to scrutiny, and some commentators call the piece "cultural appropriation."

However, Generation Z designers view their Kim-inspired project as a commentary on the "hyperbolic social media landscape, where everyone struggles to stand out," says Jonsson.

"Our mission as artists and thinkers is to question, and sometimes highlight, the changing demands that surround us to begin a discussion," says Karlsson.

Jonsson adds: "It's so much a celebration of a woman who managed to create a multi-million dollar brand based on her butt."