YouTube SEO: How to rank your videos # 1


Learn how to quickly classify YouTube videos using our 7-step SEO SEO process. These EXACT tips have increased our opinions by almost 400% in 7.5 months.
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In a short period of time, we were able to rank our videos for some of the most popular keywords in our industry:

# 1 – local SEO
# 1 – ecommerce SEO
# 2 – SEO
# 2 – search engine optimization

And the list continues.

The best part of the SEO video is that it is not necessary to have a massive channel to rank at number 1. You just need to entertain and attract your audience better than your competitors.

Follow everything from the basics and move on to the advanced tips, which should help you rank your videos higher and faster.

First, what is YouTube SEO?

It is the process of optimizing your videos, playlists and channels to get a high ranking on YouTube’s organic search results for a particular search query.

Our data-based strategy begins with YouTube Keyword Research.

A couple of free tools you can use are YouTube's suggestions, along with Google trends.

This is an excellent way to measure the popularity of a keyword against other keywords. However, since Google trends show relative popularity, it may not be the best way to find true search volumes.

Another tool you can use is the Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, which shows you the search volume and click data for any keyword on YouTube.

This tool works perfectly when combined with Tubebuddy (most tagged videos section) or vidIQ (related keywords feature).

While YouTube is the second largest search engine, you can also use other tools such as Google search and Ahrefs Content Explorer to rank your YouTube videos on the first Google search page.

In fact, Google is our second largest source of external referral traffic.

This video covers all the tactics, tips and strategies to rank videos on Google.

The second step is to identify the search intention.

The search intention represents the reason behind a search engine query. To analyze your search intent, simply enter your keyword in the YouTube search bar and see which videos are ranked in the top 3 positions.

Take note of the format and angles that other creators take and do the same with your own video.

Step 3 is the most important. And that is to create a high retention video.

Participation is possibly the most important ranking factor in the YouTube algorithm. If you cannot involve your audience, then you probably do not qualify.

This can be measured in the YouTube Studio analysis by looking at the audience retention chart. You will learn EXACTLY how we constantly create high retention videos from our planning processes to editing.

Step 4 is to make video optimizations on the page.

This is reduced to the title, description, thumbnail and metadata, such as YouTube tags. You will learn to optimize your videos following YouTube's best practices.

Step 5 are video optimizations.

YouTube allows you to add subtitles or subtitles (CC) to your videos. This helps provide context to your videos, which can be useful when trying to rate your videos.

You will also learn a couple of interaction tricks with YouTube cards and final screens.

Step 6 is to publish and promote your video

Whether you have a massive or small audience, you will learn to promote your videos to get more views quickly.

Step 7 is to optimize your videos (and channel) for the viewing time of the session.

The viewing time of the session is the total time that a viewer watches videos on YouTube without leaving the platform.

YouTube said in its blog of creators that they use this metric as a ranking factor in their search and discovery algorithm.

Our hacking of the channel's playlist will help you do just that.


1:04 What is YouTube SEO?
1:52 YouTube keyword research
5:52 Identify the user's search intention
6:34 Create high retention videos
9:26 Optimization on the page for videos
13:01 Video optimizations
14:24 Publish and promote your video
15:39 Optimize your video for the viewing time of the session
17:24 hacking Sam's channel page

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