YouTube Video SEO: How I got more than 25,000 subscribers on YouTube this year | 5 video marketing tips


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Do you want to be famous on YouTube?

It is not possible unless you have many subscribers.

Without subscribers, you will not become popular on YouTube. But you are starting from scratch. How do you become popular without spending money on ads?

Hello everyone, I'm Neil Patel, and today I will share with you how to generate more than 25,000 subscribers on YouTube in less than a year.

# 1 Your content has to be super emotional.

Just watch this video. I am excited when I speak and speak, not because I am trying to do it on purpose, but because I am passionate about entrepreneurship and marketing.

# 2: you have to tell people to subscribe to your channel
When they are out there, they listen to your YouTube video. You have to ask them to subscribe.

At the end of my videos, I started adding that. I didn't have that in my previous videos, but when I started adding that I noticed a significant increase in the number of subscribers I was getting.

It was about three times more.

That's crazy

Everything by telling people at the end of the video to subscribe to the exit screen and the design you can see here, makes it easier to get subscribers.

# 3: The next thing you want to do is use the correct keywords.

You can use tools like Google Trends to see what is popular. Google Keyword Traffic Estimator, or Google Keyword Planner technically, right?

But anyway, it will tell you what keywords are popular, the searches they are getting.

I also use Ubersuggest. It gives me more keyword ideas for my ideas. And all this tells me what keywords to put in my title, my descriptions, so that my videos get more views.

# 4: The next thing you want to do is go find other bloggers who write similar content about the videos you are producing and hit them and ask them to embed your videos.

It's simple.

You go to; Type keywords related to your videos. It will show you the popular articles, and you want to send an email to the person who wrote that article.

"Hi John, I love your content, but you know what? Some people are visual learners. I created a video inspired by your last blog post. I was wondering, would you mind embedding it?"

Then, by having more people insert your videos, you will get external traffic.

# 5: The last tip I have for you is to make sure your videos are very long and attractive.

If you are not showing emotion and appeal throughout your video or if your videos are not long, they will not do well. Just go see my previous YouTube videos. Some are two minutes, three minutes, four minutes.

Some are even a minute. Do you know what happens when a video is really short?

YouTube does not give you much influence, your channel will not work as well and all your videos will not have such a high rating or receive so many suggestions, right?

Do you know that once you've finished watching a video, you see more suggested videos?

Well, the key to doing well on YouTube is having a super long video. I don't say 30, 40 minutes.

Anything for five or six more minutes is excellent. Anything less than that is really difficult to classify unless you go to terms that are not competitive, which means it will not generate much traffic and you will not get subscribers.

So make sure your videos last more than five minutes. If you follow these tips, you will be fine.

Or if you do not have time and it is a business, you can consult companies such as those that do YouTube consulting, and they will teach you and do all the work for you and add the keywords and transcripts, so that way in which your YouTube videos get Much more traffic and traction.

You can get more than 25,000 subscribers in less than a year.