#ZEENahinDarega: The fight against the "Tukde-Tukde" gang continues, says Zee News


NEW DELHI: Zee News, one of the country's largest media houses, said Thursday that despite all adversity, the struggle against separatist forces, radical Islamists and those who dream of turning India into an Islamic state will continue. Zee News, through its popular show DNA, has made a devastating attack on those who believe in the prophecy of "http://zeenews.india.com/"Ghazwa-e-Hind"http://zeenews.india.com/" and are secretly working to Doing harm to the federal and secular structure of India.

While reporting the protests against the Anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the broadcaster strongly condemned the attack on its high-ranking reporters and camera crew near the Sukhdev Vihar subway station in Delhi.

Faced with the attack on Zee News senior reporter Jitendra Sharma, his colleague Neeraj Gaur and cameraman Qamar Khan, the broadcaster questioned the true motive of the anti-citizenship amendment act demonstrators.

The broadcaster criticized the anti-CAA protesters in Shaheen Jagh and Jamia Nagar for their double standards and their selective use of the media. The broadcaster asked why those who held Mahatma Gandhi and BR Ambedkar posters were so afraid Zee Media and bypass legitimate questions from the broadcaster.

The broadcaster reaffirmed that the nation will always be a top priority and will continue to work in the best interests of the people of India, and asked whether the anti-CAA protesters embraced the ideals and principles of non-violence and truth that Mahatma Gandhi practices , really respected.

It can be noted that a Zee News team was attacked near the Sukhdev Vihar subway station in Delhi when they went there to report on the ongoing anti-CAA protests. They were harassed and attacked by the protesters from Jamia in Delhi.

Live television

During the incident, anti-CAA protesters attempted to hijack Jitendra Sharma and Neeraj Gaur's mobile and personal possessions. The anti-CAA demonstrators, who also shouted anti-government slogans, completely damaged the transmitter's camera and recording device.

The excited anti-CAA protesters also broke the channel's camera and live unit. The incident occurred hours after a young man who was reportedly a minor and identified as Gopal waved a locally made pistol and opened fire on the anti-CAA protesters in Delhi's Jamia area, where a student was had been injured.

The broadcaster strongly condemned the two incidents and said that it was now up to the people of India to decide which way to go and what kind of nation to build. Referring to Sharjeel Imam, the man who was arrested by the police for raising the highest objections to the Union of India, the broadcaster said the arrested youth was the new figurehead of "http: //zeenews.india .com / "tukde" -tukde "http://zeenews.india.com/" gang.

Citing Delhi Police, the station also reminded millions of its viewers of the danger that the "http://zeenews.india.com/"tukde-tukde"http://zeenews.india.com/" group took the selfie -Journalists brought along and radical Islamists like Sharjeel Imam faced the nation.

During his interrogation, Sharjeel had told officials that Muslims were being treated badly in this country and he raised his voice against it. He admitted that he knew he could be arrested for his speech, but showed no regret.

The JNU student also did not deny making highly objectionable comments against India in the videos that went viral and formed the basis for his arrest. The broadcaster said that the Criminal Investigation Department and Special Cell officers who interrogated Sharjeel believe he gave the speech as a deliberate strategy.

The broadcaster reminded viewers that it continues to be the main target of the gang "http://zeenews.india.com/"tukde-tukde"http://zeenews.india.com/" as it reports nationally without fear and impartiality and international issues.

Is Ghazwa-e-Hind the ultimate target of the CAA protesters? the channel asked in a segment of the show,

The show focused on Ghazwa-e-Hind, explaining that the prophet Muhammad had prophesied a great battle (Ghazwa-e-Hind) between India and Pakistan or believers and unbelievers centuries ago. According to different theories of the hadith, two groups of Muslims were listed as free from hellfire. Group 1 includes people who would wage war against India, and Group 2 would follow Hazrat Issa.

The term "http://zeenews.india.com/"Ghazwa-e-Hind"http://zeenews.india.com/" has been an integral part of the Islamist discourse since the Middle Ages and has called for " http: //zeenews.india.com/ "jihad" http://zeenews.india.com/ "against India from the 1980s. It is no surprise that all terrorist groups operating in Kashmir, including Let and JeM claim that their jihad is part of the prophet Mohammad's prophecy.

The Ulemas, or Islamists, who are encouraged by the successful history of jihad influence to convert a large number of natives, view the non-Islamic government in India as Darul Harab (Land of War) and see it as the duty of Indian Muslims to transform Darul Islam (land of Islamic rule) after the complete liquidation of non-Muslims in the region, which could only be possible after Ghazwa-e-Hind.

During the show, Zee News presenter and editor-in-chief Sudhir Chaudhary recalled how the anti-CAA demonstrators forbade him on January 27 to report their unrest. They did not allow Sudhir Chaudhary to cross the police block.

Sudhir Chaudhary continued to ask the demonstrators to allow him to meet them and raise their concerns about the CAA before the government, but the demonstrators did not accept his request. Sudhir Chaudhary was accompanied by senior journalist Deepak Chaurasia during his visit to Shaheen Bagh.

The broadcaster appealed to the anti-CAA protesters to avoid violence and end their futile agitation #ZEENahinDarega Campaign that immediately became one of the top trends on Twitter.

Against this backdrop, anti-CAA protests continued near Jamia Millia Islamia University against the Citizenship Change Act and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). A strong police force was deployed there as a precaution.

Several hundred people, most of them women, have been protesting the CAA in Jamia in the state capital for 45 days (until January 30, 2020).