Zion Williamson lives up to the hype in the NBA debut


NEW ORLEANS – Zion is delayed in being denied social justice and NBA TV ratings.

On Wednesday night, 216 days after New Orleans Pelicans fans anointed him as a teenage messiah able to overcome a hype abyss with one sentence, Zion finally made a spectacular explosion on his NBA debut.

After looking like a dazed rookie for three quarters, Zion exploded 17 points in a row in the fourth quarter – including four three-pointers – and brought the pelicans against the San Antonio Spurs from 12 to one with 5:44 points remaining.

But because the pelicans are taking care of their health after seasonal rehabilitation of an injured right knee, trainer Alvin Gentry Zion pulled 5:44 to the left to rage, and the Spurs considered a 121-117 win.

The NBA No. 1 Draft Pick, a chiseled, 6-foot-7, 285-pound version of Trouble, ended with a team high of 22 points and had seven rebounds. He also had five rookie-style sales.

The result was insignificant compared to the clinking of champagne goblets by TNT and ESPN executives and all those associated members of the military-industrial complex who contributed to Williamson's impact on the NBA.

Even Spurs trainer Gregg Popovich, who was not historically affected by the hype, was enthusiastic about what to expect.

Zion Williamson wants to take a step in the victory of the Pelicans 121-117 over the Spurs on Wednesday evening.
Zion Williamson wants to take a step forward on Wednesday night when the Pelicans 121-117 defeat the Spurs.Getty Images

"Oh yes, it's great, I'm glad he's back, a talent like this," said Popovich. "He's a great guy. The whole world has to see him, so it's good for the pelicans. It's good for basketball. He's quite a package as a player and as a person."

Everything seemed to change overnight with the pelicans. The sleepy franchise team bravely fought their way back from a 6:22 hole without a Zion, which included a loss in 13 games, to win 11 of the previous 16 games and fight for eighth place in the playoffs of the Western Conference ,

For a normal game during the week, the pelicans would have issued 35 media ID cards. They distributed 165 last night, demonstrating that coach Alvin Gentry had expectations of a Zion circus in town before the game. Every seat was draped with a red Pelican t-shirt "Won & # 39; t Bow Down".

Welcome to Zionville, pelicans.

Zion tore the right knee meniscus in the pre-season and had to pause indefinitely after the operation. His original schedule was six to eight weeks, but when two months turned into three, Pelikan fans began to wriggle.

The pelicans used the rehab sabbatical to explore all areas of Zion's physical regime – its diet, training, stretching, agility, steps, and explosive jumping.

After knee surgery on October 21, Zion revised his running and landing conditions, trying to be aware of not landing with stiff legs to better protect his knees.

Though itching in exile, Zion said that he trusted something his mother Sharonda told him – that the free time he worked on his body was a blessing.

"That's exactly what my mother said," said Zion. "She said it was time to focus on my body and focus on all the little mechanics that need to be fixed. In my opinion[DieletztendreiMonatehelfenbeizukünftigenVerletzungen"[Thepastthreemonthsdoeshelpwithfutureinjuries"[DieletztendreiMonatehelfenbeizukünftigenVerletzungen“[thepastthreemonthsdoeshelpwithfutureinjuries”

Popovich has been in the NBA for a long time, long enough to sit on the bench with Larry Brown and find a way to stop Michael Jordan. He liked his first place on the player who could become the next generation talent.

"I can remember … how hypnotized I was, sitting on the bench and Michael walking up and down the square," said Popovich. "I didn't know if I knew what was going on in the game. I just couldn't take my eyes off it, so I'm thinking about it.

"Now this generation is coming. It was a lot of fun to see these guys come – come and go. And I'm still hanging around. I saw a lot of talented people who were great competitors and couldn't enjoy it."